Dean The Dream Reveals Inspiration Behind Recent LP Hitchin’ It To Heaven

Dean The Dream Reveals Inspiration Behind Recent LP Hitchin’ It To Heaven


Only a few musicians stand out these days, especially with the overwhelming amount of new and emerging artists. Dean the Dream, whose most recent album Hitchin’ It To Heaven has earned him plenty of recognition and acclaim, is undoubtedly one of them. The multi-talented singer-songwriter isn’t afraid to experiment with new genres and doesn’t shy away from highlighting stories that “aren’t told as often as they should.”

Dean the Dream, born as Brendan Alpiner, talks about his early days, “I started pursuing and recording music seriously around 2017 while I was living in Detroit. And I guess that’s where I draw a lot of inspiration from; that bluesy, gnarly rock. Iggy Pop started in the 1970’s and modern day artists like Jack White, Brittany Howard, and Dan Auerbach continue today.”

“But I don’t want to pigeonhole myself,” admits Alpiner. “In fact, I’m currently writing new music that’s very pop inspired, almost Nine Inch Nails-meets-Gorillaz. And that’s probably the most attractive thing about being a musician right there; being able to play around in genres and see where the music takes me,” says the artist.

Now that Hitchin’ It To Heaven is receiving such positive feedback, Dean the Dream is ready to explore new genres and expand his horizon. Dedicated fans of Alpiner can’t wait to see what he prepares for them next, especially after the massive success of the 7-track record that includes “Changes,” “Dying Staying Alive,” “Kiss Me Kill Me,” and the lead single “Goodbye, Danny.” 

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