Dave East Won’t Let Coronavirus Stop His Fatherhood Grind

Dave East Won’t Let Coronavirus Stop His Fatherhood Grind


Dave East is one of the many rappers finding ways to pass the time amid the ongoing state of self-isolation. After all, East is a native New Yorker and what choice does he have but to stay put, and rightfully so. And while some of his hip-hop colleagues have taken to charging Jenga towers like a cabin-fever fueled rhino or picking up the guitar for an impromptu jam session, East has opted to spend some quality daddy-daughter time complete with matching designer masks.

Dave East Won't Let Coronavirus Stop His Fatherhood Grind

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

East took to Instagram to update fans on his well being, as well as that of his daughter Kairi Chanel Brewster. Posted up in the East Harlem home base, Dave stared coronavirus in the eye and didn’t blink. “Corona who?” he captions, implying that family should never be placed second even in the direst of straits.

Curiously, the picture arrives following another image of East out and about, boldly roaming the streets of Harlem with a cavalier tone. “Still In Harlem Fucc A Virus!!!!” he captioned, twenty-two hours removed from the lockdown picture. In any case, it would appear he had a change of heart and has since decided to buckle down and wait for the storm to pass. Whether this ultimately has an impact on his next album Karma 3, which is set to include a Jay-Z-flipping banger, has yet to be seen.