Dave East Tattoos His Baby Mama’s Name On His Neck

Dave East Tattoos His Baby Mama’s Name On His Neck


Dave East and his baby mother, Millie Colon, are officially back together, and this time, it looks like it’s for good. The constantly on-and-off-again couple have been back on again for a minute, but Dave has permanently sealed their fate with the latest addition to his many tats. Millie shared a photo on her Instagram story of Dave’s new ink, which spells out her full first name. Dave got “Milagrito” inked in cursive letters overtop of some of his older tattoos in honour of his boo.

Back in September, Dave revealed that he and Millie had split, declaring that he was single and emphasizing how “rare” it is to find “a real queen.” Though the status of this couple is always up in the air, this gesture seems to indicate that Dave and Millie have no plans to part ways anytime soon. 

The two of them welcomed their only child together, daughter Kairi Chanel Brewster, on March 9th, 2016. Despite their bumpy relationship, Dave and Millie have proved that they always put Kairi first, regardless of any issues between them. Dave even named his debut album, Kairi Chanel, after his daughter. Nothing but love for this happy family.

Dave East Tattoos His Baby Mama's Name On His NeckMatthew Eisman/Getty Images