D'Arcy Wretzky Shares Texts Contradicting Smashing Pumpkins' Reunion Statement

D'Arcy Wretzky Shares Texts Contradicting Smashing Pumpkins' Reunion Statement


D'Arcy Wretzky Shares Texts Contradicting Smashing Pumpkins' Reunion Statement

The Smashing Pumpkins reunion is already f to a shaky start after bassist D’Arcy Wretzky was reportedly booted from the reformation plans by Billy Corgan and her former bandmates. The band released a statement late yesterday (February 12) denying that Wretzky had ever accepted an invite to play with the group, but the bassist seems to have kept the receipts.

Alternative Nation has published screenshots text messages that Wretzky claims are between herself and Corgan. He begins texting the bassist about the material the band are working on and wonders whether a shoulder injury will prevent her from playing with the group in the future.

Corgan begins by writing, “We want you involved in the tour however you’d like to be involved. I think it will mean A LOT to fans if you are up onstage every night. And even if you can’t play due to your shoulder stuff you can certainly sing and daydream and participate in other ways.”

After Wretzky indicates she “still wants] to be involved as much as i possibly can.” After learning about the time necessary for her shoulder recovery, Corgan writes, “We understand your enthusiasm. But we also have to balance the forces at play. I know you don’t agree, nor do you have to… There is no room for error. We blow, this meaning me James Jimmy Jeff’s band is toast.”

Corgan added that “when you need surgery etc and tour starts soon and you haven’t done a full show much less an arena tour in almost decades now that’s a lot to put on yourself.”

Wretzky responded  “do you know you really pissed me f I was so happy last night I’m sorry for what I’m going to do right now but I have to do it for my own…you’re throwing away something that is so precious. and you know I’m not talking about me.”

Corgan replied, “The answer is you deserve to be on a t shirt if someone wants to buy it and get your just due for the hard work you put in. But if you don’t want to be on a t-shirt then the kids are happy to buy something else.”

Stereogum points out that Wretzky continued to share thoughts on Corgan and the situation on her Facebook prile earlier today, which has since been made private.

You can find screenshots her text messages here.

As previously reported, the band have launched a mysterious countdown that is ticking towards some big announcement on Thursday (February 15).