DaBaby’s Temper Is Respected By "Street N*ggas" Says Stunna 4 Vegas

DaBaby’s Temper Is Respected By "Street N*ggas" Says Stunna 4 Vegas


It’s an unspoken rule that no one should run up on DaBaby. The North Carolina rapper had numerous incidents in 2019 that turned into physical altercations, whether it be with the man who attempted to heckle him at the Loius Vuitton store or fans who tried jumping on stage while he was performing. Many of these occurrences were caught on camera, and it was clear that the easy-going Kirk rapper had a limit to his friendly interaction.

DaBaby's Temper Is Respected By "Street N*ggas" Says Stunna 4 Vegas
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

Aside from critical opinions about his music, there haven’t been many people who have come forward with bad things to say about DaBaby. The rapper’s protegé, Stunna 4 Vegas, recently sat down with Vlad TV and asked the host to name DaBaby’s flaws. “[DaBaby] is at the top right now. I think if a rapper can come out his mouth and say DaBaby...anything wrong about the n*gga, it’s just hate,” Stunna said. “Bruh, tell me one thing flaw about this n*gga.” Vlad answered that DaBaby has a short temper. “That ain’t no flaw, bro! You can’t say that,” Stunna responded. Vlad explained that he believes DaBaby is too rich to have such a short fuse.

Stunna agrees, but he added, “The people that can say that are people in your shoes… Can’t nobody else say [that]. Baby don’t start with nobody. So that’s… He don’t even promote ‘I’m on bullsh*t.’ If you come up on Baby on bullsh*t and he just teach you…” Vlad interrupted and said he made his comments respectfully because it only takes one incident to lose everything.

“I’m not saying you’re wrong, but watch this,” Stunna replied. “‘Cause they livin’ different from you. If I say you can’t find a flaw you can’t say short temper. Street n*gga gon’ say, ‘Short temper? You can’t play with that n*gga Baby.’ They gon’ tell you they love him because of that. He done spared n*ggas. A street n*gga gon’ get so happy off he way he act ’cause they love rappers who don’t cap.” He added that he doesn’t want to sound racist, but white people love that Baby will go off. Watch his clip in full below.