DaBaby Will Wind Up Like Bobby Shmurda If He Doesn’t Change His Ways: Joe Budden

DaBaby Will Wind Up Like Bobby Shmurda If He Doesn’t Change His Ways: Joe Budden


DaBaby has requested that everybody stop focusing on his recent arrests but, upon Joe Budden‘s return to his regular podcasting duties, he did quite the opposite. Discussing the hottest topics in hip-hop from over the holidays with Rory and Mal, Joe Budden went in-depth on the rise of Griselda, Drake‘s interview on Rap Radar, and much more. The crew spent approximately fifteen minutes discussing what’s been going on with DaBaby in recent weeks, arguing about his current status in the rap game and how he continually finds himself in trouble. From that incident years ago at Walmart to his most-recent robbery case against a concert promoter, the North Carolina native has found himself being tailed by the police. If he doesn’t switch up his methods soon though, Budden believes the hip-hop community may suffer a major blow.

DaBaby Will Wind Up Like Bobby Shmurda If He Doesn't Change His Ways: Joe Budden
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If anything happened to DaBaby right now, the rap world would be devastated. He’s currently one of the biggest artists in the world, contributing so much to the genre in such a short time. Budden drew a comparison between the KIRK artist and Bobby Shmurda, although the New York star had only truly delivered two hit records when he was shut down by the cops. Shmurda is expected to get out of prison this year but he spent the last five years of his life reflecting on how things could have been different had he not been involved in street life. Budden thinks that, unless DaBaby makes major changes in his composure, he may have a similar future.

“We were all feeling this exact same way about Bobby Shmurda,” says Budden in his latest podcast, likening the two stars. “[Bobby] was a young kid who came from a certain life and was having a whole lot of fun and making a wave for himself. And then he allegedly didn’t stop certain behavior, [the police] came and snatched him and then hip-hop suffered. Boy, would hip-hop suffer if that same thing happened to DaBaby. And if he continues to allegedly beat people up at potato chip stands, airports and after the show, that is exactly what will happen and we as a whole will be sad about it.”

See what he had to say near the end of the video below.