DaBaby Gives Aspiring Rapper Some Major Exposure

DaBaby Gives Aspiring Rapper Some Major Exposure


DaBaby just made one aspiring rapper’s day. The Blame It On Baby rapper may still be riding the high from the release of his new album, but he’s making sure he takes the time to give those lesser known artists a chance. On Wednesday, Baby posted a video on his Instagram story, in which a fan can be seen standing in the doorway of his car, holding a homemade mixtape.

Baby asks him to introduce himself, and the young man lets him know that he goes by “City Boy The Rapper,” and that he’s trying to make it big just like DaBaby. When City Boy tries to hand him a mixtape, Baby asks him how much he wants for it. “Shit, you can get it for free,” he says. However, DaBaby insists on paying, and asks again how much he’s selling it for. When he tells him it’s $10, Baby hands over two fives, and encourages him to “keep that shit up.”

DaBaby Gives Aspiring Rapper Some Major ExposureKevin Winter/Getty Images

“That shit possible,” he tells City Boy, who tosses out his Instagram handle. DaBaby made sure to tag the up-and-comer on the story, which no doubt gave him some some major exposure. What a wholesome moment.