DaBaby Confirms Another Child Is On The Way, Denies Cheating On Baby Mama

DaBaby Confirms Another Child Is On The Way, Denies Cheating On Baby Mama


DaBaby has more blessings on the way but first, the rapper had some explaining to do. It was another eventful day in the world of DaBaby after the mother of his daughter blasted him on the ‘Gram and accused him of getting another woman pregnant. It looks like this is true. The rapper took to his Instagram Story earlier where he shared a message that indirectly referenced their relationship. “When your love, loyalty and selflessness gets taken for granted, and everything you have to offer still ain’t enough… You better understand that GOD talking,” he wrote. “Accept what is, make the adjustments, and deal with everything that come wit it.”

The rapper then hit Instagram with an eight-and-a-half-minute IGTV post where he explained that he is, first and foremost, a father. He didn’t necessarily address the situation with his baby mama head-on at first but he did make it clear that he’s just here to protect his daughter from any negative energy of the sorts. He later clarified that he won’t be addressing this any further than he already has.

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8 minutes of none of that negative shit you looking for. Enjoy.

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But the real tea came after he posted the IGTV video. He confirmed that he and his baby mama Mimi were not together when he conceived his “newcoming blessing.” So, it looks like DaBaby will be having another baby soon.