Cyrus Dobre – Bye Bye (Official Music Video)

Cyrus Dobre – Bye Bye (Official Music Video)


The official music video for “Bye Bye” by Cyrus Dobre was recently released to stellar acclaim. Roxana Baldovin directed this epic R&B jam with gripping visuals and cutting-edge aesthetics. Cyrus has created an infectious track that combines smooth R&B with dope, fresh hip-hop lyrics, and a classy, laid-back beat. This enchanted ballad intertwines elements of contemporary rap with harmonious, melodic vocals with each pulsating verse.

The night is yours as you blast this song on in your car or chillin’ at home. The video has a Halloween theme with a new wave essence and some of your favorite comic book stars. From the Joker to hot, skeleton costume-clad dancers, the presentation accentuates the vibe of this uniquely-crafted number. With neon colors, vibrant visuals, and an original feel and look — the video and song truly go hand in hand. Cyrus Dobre is the newest sensation on the R&B-rap fused scene and certainly has a long career ahead of him.

“Bye Bye” has the rhythms you want in a cool, slick ode to everlasting romance. However, there are times when you just have to move on — and this track and video are like a cinematic tale folding before our eyes on the silver screen. Cyrus Dobre is as unique as his song — a timeless ballad that will echo in our hearts, minds, and especially ears for years to come.


“Bye Bye”