Conor McGregor Expresses Interest In Oscar De La Hoya Fight

Conor McGregor Expresses Interest In Oscar De La Hoya Fight


Conor McGregor is easily one of the most controversial fighters in all of UFC and to some extent, the world of boxing as well. McGregor most recently competed against Donald Cerrone in a match that he won very easily. Almost three years ago now, McGregor took part in a fight for the ages as he duked it out with Floyd Mayweather. Of course, Mayweather won the fight in 10 rounds which was certainly to be expected considering McGregor’s lack of boxing experience.

Recently, Oscar De La Hoya spoke out about McGregor and noted that he could easily beat the UFC superstar. In fact, De La Hoya thinks it would be a very quick fight. “Oh come on, brother. Two rounds,” De La Hoya said. “One thing about me is I went for the kill, always. Look, McGregor — I love him in the Octagon, I respect him, I watch him all the time. The boxing ring is a whole different story”

McGregor eventually caught wind of these comments and took to Twitter where he accepted the challenge.

A fight between McGregor and De La Hoya would definitely be interesting especially since the latter is 47 years old. He would have a hard time being quick in the ring and one could make the case that McGregor might squeak out a win, although it would take quite a bit of training and improvement.

Let us know in the comments below who you think would win if these two ever fought one another.