Chrissy Teigen Blasts Alt-Right Troll Over "Parasite" Oscar Win: "What A Dumb F*cking Tool"

Chrissy Teigen Blasts Alt-Right Troll Over "Parasite" Oscar Win: "What A Dumb F*cking Tool"


Last night, Parasite (2019) made history becoming the first-ever non-English film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Director, Bong Joon Ho, and his colleagues also won awards for Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best International Feature Film, for the genre-blending film. Parasite was able to accomplish all of this in one single night despite some members of the Academy being openly racist towards the South Korean-based movie. While Bong Joon Ho and company became the topic of the night for their dominant performance, one Blaze TV host, named Jon Miller, thought he would share his bigoted opinion about the Joon Ho’s acceptance for Best Screenplay Tweeting:

“A man named Bong Joon Ho wins #Oscar for best original screenplay over Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and 1917. Acceptance speech was: ‘GREAT HONOR. THANK YOU.’ Then he proceeds to give the rest of his speech in Korean. These people are the destruction of America.”

The rather unknown right-wing media person then followed up his Tweet stating that Joon Ho and his team were undeserving of their Oscar wins in lazy fashion saying:

“‘These people’ are obviously not Koreans but those in Hollywood awarding a foreign film that stokes flames of class warfare over 2 films I thought were more deserving simply to show how woke they are. That should be clear from the rest of what I tweeted about tonight’s production.”

Chrissy Teigen who just so happens to be of Thai descent and well-versed in Twitter conflicts came across Miller’s Tweet and decided to add her two cents to his hateful sentiment Tweeting:

“What a dumb f*cking tool you are, your family is embarrassed. At gatherings they’re literally like ‘how’s Jon doing that little dumb fuck tool’ and everyone goes ‘yeah we don’t care he’s a fucking dumb shit’ – come say hi if you’re out tonight.” 

Chrissy Teigen’s husband, Grammy Award-winning and Sexiest Man Alive, John Legend, added a classy comment of his own his Twitter account, writing:

“Do they pay you for these dumb takes or is this something you do for fun.”

In recent years, the general population has become well aware of how certain media platforms use their influence to mobilize certain groups and spread their rhetoric. For those intelligent enough to perform their own research and live outside of media influence, navigating the socio-political atmosphere has become deceptive and disheartening. Hopefully, this Jon Miller guy didn’t lose control of his bladder or lose sleep over Korean film getting its just-do praise at this year’s Academy Awards and the success of Parasite broadens the world’s palate in regards to quality artistic expression. 

Check out the full list of Oscars winners, here, and check out the preview to this year’s Best Picture Award recipient, Parasite, below.