Chris Brown Accused Of Disrespecting Baby Mama

Chris Brown Accused Of Disrespecting Baby Mama


Chris Brown likely didn’t think this post would result in such backlash but, alas, everything he does ends up causing a stir online. Sharing a meme about his sexual health after a “long weekend of partying,” the Virginia native posted a meme that celebrated his STD-free status, but some people are seeing this as disrespectful to the woman who just had his child.

The singer has had several love interests over the course of the last two years but Ammika Harris, the mother of his son Aeko, stands out among the pack. While they have been in an on-again-off-again relationship for months, the two were seemingly back together as they shared countless love messages to one another on social media. This meme came as a surprise to fans of their relationship, with people beginning to accuse Brown of disrespecting his queen.

Chris Brown Accused Of Disrespecting Baby Mama
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“When you and ya homie go to the same clinic after a long weekend of partying and ya test come back NEGATIVE,” wrote CB on the since-deleted post, doing a happy dance in the video. 

“Not cute at all,” commented one fan. “I bet this happens way more than what us women wanna know,” said another.

Check out the video below for reference, and let us know if you believe Ammika Harris has a right to feel disrespected by it. So far, Brown has not commented on the backlash.