Chloe x Halle Take On Chloe x Halle In Resplendent BET Awards Dance-Off

Chloe x Halle Take On Chloe x Halle In Resplendent BET Awards Dance-Off


As two early cuts on Chloe x Halle’s latest endearing collection Ungodly Hour, “Forgive Me” and “Do It” capture the album’s essential R&B vibe — a deep, rich sonic warmth complete with the sister’s lilting voices floating on top. It’s a mood that the pair put on full display in a dazzling, Destiny’s Child-referencing medley during the (virtual) BET Awards Sunday night (June 28), where each song got its own moment.

And then Chloe x Halle squared off in a winner-take-all dance-off against none other than… Chloe x Halle. The twist, of course, is that both win.

“Forgive Me” opened with them delivering the smooth tune in shiny black dresses with magnificently high-pointed shoulders, close to nature inside a barn. A dirt floor grounded them, and plants surrounded them. As always, their movements stayed in sync, including motioning the sign of the cross when singing the title phrase. But right as you thought the dusty sepia light shining down on them would never end, the scene completely shifted.

For “Do It,” they made a hard pivot, opting instead for a vivid late-’90s R&B video chic in a red-walled room. The sisters found themselves in pristinely white outfits, complete with low-rise baggy pants, in complete contrast to their shiny black dresses. They moved in sync here too, of course, as they pointed to and sang at each other, their blood harmonies rising higher and higher.

Before long, though, both Chloe x Halles were in competition with each other, sending dance moves back and forth as they faced off side by side. The good news about the stunning dance-off is that there are no losers in this battle.

Chloe x Halle told MTV News earlier this month about how they dreamed up the song “Do It” with Victoria Monét. “It was just a party,” Halle said. “It was a great collaboration, and it turned into something beautiful.”

“I love how, in the moment, we were just making good music,” Chloe added. “We weren’t making anything saying, like, ‘Oh, this has to be our first song’ or ‘This has to be a hit.’ We were just making music that made us feel good.”

The performance harnessed the energy of the “Do It” video, something Chloe also mentioned. “We got to articulate our vision in wanting to show who we are growing into as young women,” her said.

You can see that further growth in their BET Awards medley performance. Watch it in full above.