Charlotte Day Wilson Shares New Song and Video ‘If I Could’

Charlotte Day Wilson Shares New Song and Video ‘If I Could’


Many of us wish we had the power to carve away the worries in the hearts of loved ones. On the new deeply emotive song “If I Could,” Charlotte Day Wilson longs to be the saving grace to a hexed person who is bogged down by afflictions. 

For whatever reason, though, the Toronto singer cannot be the antidote this troubled person needs. Regarding the lyrics of “If I Could,” Wilson said in a press statement she co-wrote it with songwriter Merna Bishouty.

She added, “I felt a deep and immediate connection to Merna’s perspective on the desire to protect and save someone from their demons, and I was honored to collaborate with her on the song.” 

Wilson packages the new song, co-produced by Jack Rochon, with an official video. It was co-directed by Kevan Funk. Watch it below. 

“If I Could” follows the Syd-assisted track “Take Care of You.” Both songs will appear on her forthcoming debut album ALPHA, out July 9 via Stone Woman Music. 

The album marks Wilson’s first collection of music since 2018’s Stone Woman EP. 

Listen to Charlotte Day Wilson’s new song “If I Could” below.