Charles Barkley Shockingly Compares The 76ers To The Cleveland Browns

Charles Barkley Shockingly Compares The 76ers To The Cleveland Browns


Over the past few weeks, the Philadelphia 76ers have been dealing with a whole lot of inconsistent play. Fans are starting to worry about the team’s bility in the playoffs, despite being touted as a contender to win the championship. Pundits like Stephen A. Smith and Shaq have been incredibly critical of the team and last night, Charles Barkley entered the fold with a hot take of his own.

In the clip below, Barkley compares the Sixers to the Cleveland Browns of the NFL. As he explains, the Sixers have a lot of talent and talk a big game but simply haven’t met expectations. The assessment was quite harsh but as a former Sixer himself, we’re not surprised Barkley would feel that way.

“I think they are the softest, mentally weakest team that had a bunch of talent. They are the Cleveland Browns of the NBA,” Barkley said. “They got a lot of talent, and they talk the talk, and that’s it. Last summer, and I feel for it, one of our bosses he had me on the Cleveland Browns bandwagon, cause they came out telling everyone how good they were going to be, and then they got punched in the mouth in Game 1 and punched the rest of the season.”

As of right now, the Sixers are comfortably in sixth place in the Western Conference with a record of 31-21. They are now on a four-game losing streak and are beginning to tear apart at the seams. If they want to turn things around, they’ll need their two stars, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, to pick up their play.