Charlene Renee Releases Single “Are you ready to “GET NASTY”?

Charlene Renee Releases Single “Are you ready to “GET NASTY”?


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I love the beginning of “GET NASTY” by Charlene Renee with its thumping, industrial background sounds. The lyrics are smooth and flow into each other like water. Renee has created a fantastic track here with a fusion of R&B, pop, and rap. This ballad captures the contemporary style with its new lyrics, music, and production. This jam makes you want to slow dance with your partner — but is also perfect for swaying and just chillin’ on those warm summer days or nights.

This track sets the mood for those romantic nights with your partner. Renee sounds a lot like the late, great Aaliyah but has her own distinct, unique voice. Her crisp, throaty vocals are enticing, engaging, and perfect for nighttime socials with friends. I love her harmonious, melodic tones that will immerse you in pure pleasure and enjoyment. Renee has outdone herself here with this smooth, jazzy track that will keep you and your dancing and rocking all night long!

“GET NASTY” sounds like a page out of Janet Jackson’s award-winning album, “Control” in 1986. However, this version features the mesmerizing voice and talent of Charlene Renee. She incorporates a unique touch on this track that exemplifies her vocal range and delivery. If looking for the perfect summer jam to set the tone for any indoor or outdoor social event, this one is it. Check it out by clicking on the link above and give your ears a real treat!