Chantel Nicole releases sultry new song ‘Here I Am’

Chantel Nicole releases sultry new song ‘Here I Am’


Chantel Nicole is a singer who can move. She’s a double threat with great control over her dance moves and “Here I Am” is a dance tune. If you’re not moving when that song is playing, you are unable to hear. It’s got all the ingredients of a

Chantel began her career as a dancer choreographer. She capitalized on her entree into the industry by songwriting and singing. Hailing from Long Island, now she is taking the R&B/pop industry by storm. Her previous release, “I Like U”, also a dance tune was more subtle, but “Here I Am” is popping and its R&B Music Review sees this song as strongly preformed from start to finish.

It has all the right movements, ups, and downs for a song that last for four minutes and three seconds. Every moment is spent taping a foot or moving like you cannot control the urge. You easily work up a welcomed sweat with the beat of “Here I Am”.

The bass guitar is setting the beat throughout the beginning and adds depth to the whole song. The keyboard contributes heavily, but that bass guitar shines. Chantel’s alto voice is strong, and she can hit those high notes with ease. But from start to finish that bass guitar is humming, laying the ground for you to get down.

Whether you label Chantel an R&B singer or a pop singer, she is a great singer. She’s got the makings of a star. All of us should be prepared to see much more of her. She’s talented in more than one way, having the ability to write music, sing, and dance, plus choreograph those great moves we’ve seen in her videos. Hopefully, there’ll be a lot more to come of Chatel Nicole in the coming years and decades.