Challenge Connection: Nany Says She And Kaycee Were Just ‘Bunkmates’ — But Do You Believe Her?

Challenge Connection: Nany Says She And Kaycee Were Just ‘Bunkmates’ — But Do You Believe Her?


This “always happens” to Nany: The Challenge veteran, who has been appearing on the show since Battle of the Seasons, makes it all the way to the end without tasting victory. And during tonight’s Total Madness episode, the Real World alum’s journey was cut short yet again when she was defeated in Purgatory (Melissa won the Red Skull in the clash “Off With Your Heads”). And Kaycee, who forged a special bond with Nany, was upset with the outcome.

“I care about the girl so much, and I know how bad she wanted to make it to the final,” the Big Brother victor, who opted to vote in Melissa instead of her BB pal Bayleigh in an attempt to help Nany advance, stated. “Nany, I’m super grateful for you. You are an amazing human being. Love you, girl.”

The two didn’t get to share an adequate goodbye, but there were some very candid moments between the two women earlier in the installment.

“Nany is amazing, and she’s very handsy and very affectionate,” Kaycee, who has a girlfriend back home, revealed earlier in the installment as the ladies canoodled with no one around. “There’s nothing wrong with being affectionate with somebody that you care about in this bunker. It’s just really hard in here when we’re all going crazy.”

And then there’s the whole did-they-or-did-they-not kiss. “Kinda.”

Looking back, how would Nany describe her relationship with the newbie?

“Kaycee and I were bunkmates — she slept in the bunk above me,” she told MTV News. “Kaycee is the most humble, most kind, most considerate human being I’ve ever met in a Challenge house. As a rookie, looking at her, there was never a point where I was like, ‘Is she lying?’ I never once doubted her, and she is a great person.” And she did say that Kaycee hits “every single bullet point” of someone she seeks in a an “ideal soulmate.”

The Challenge does bring people together in unlikely ways, but what do you think? Nany and Kaycee were obviously close allies, but was there something more? Do you think there were there romantic feelings, and do you believe the rumors (which Cory alluded to, speculating that they hooked up?) Sound off, then keep watching Kaycee every Wednesday at 8/7c.