Ceaser Emanuel Declares War With Ryan Henry On "Black Ink Crew"

Ceaser Emanuel Declares War With Ryan Henry On "Black Ink Crew"


It’s an age-old rule that friends should never let a woman interfere with their relationship, but Ceaser Emanuel and Ryan Henry may have to work out a few issues in that department. The two reality stars seem to be at odds and it stems from Ryan’s relationship with Ceaser’s ex and former employee, Kitty. 

Kitty had a massive fallout with Ceaser and his Black Ink crew in New York, so she made her way to Chicago and got friendly with Ryan. The two were spending time with one another and a video was sent to Ceaser’s cousin Teddy showing Ryan and Kitty laughing at Ceaser’s expense. The clip sent Ceaser over the edge, and the Black Ink mogul made it clear that he was irate.

“This is how you acting my n*gga?” Ceaser said. “How the f*ck y’all sitting there doing all this sucka ass sh*t. Y’all over there laughing at me, too?” He added that news of Kit and Ryan fooling around isn’t new, but he found it disrespectful that Ryan was “flaunting” the relationship in his face. “I know that video was sent just to piss me off. Where the f*ck is the loyalty?”

“When you was down and you needed help with your business, who was the person you called?” Ceaser asked. “Or, when you had to move shops and you askin’ me how this goes and how this goes, who you call?” He then revealed that their friendship is deeper than people think. “We know each other family. When I go to Chicago, I stayed at your pops house, yo. Motherf*ckers don’t understand how deep this sh*t is.”

“Ryan made his move, now it’s time to make my move,” Ceaser said. “This is war.” The trailer for this season of Black Ink Crew shows Ceaser making his way to the Windy City to announce to Ryan and his crew that he plans on opening a Black Ink Chicago shop to rival Ryan Henry’s 9Mag. Check out an angry Ceaser below.