Catfish Platter: This Episode Featured Five Marriages, Two Divorces, A Throuple And More

Catfish Platter: This Episode Featured Five Marriages, Two Divorces, A Throuple And More


If you’re a fan of everything bagels or baked potatoes with the works, the latest episode of MTV’s detective series was right up your alley: This Catfish platter of mayhem served up marriage, divorce, custody battles, and then some…all in less than 60 minutes.

As part of the show’s most recent episode, Nev and Kamie got in touch with a 27-year-old Pennsylvania resident named Kristen, who’d recently gone through a messy divorce. Kristen said over a Zoom call that what helped pull her out of a funk was finding a mate via Facebook dating — Sarah, who’d also recently divorced.

“That was something we were able to share,” Kristen said. “But back in April, she kind of ghosted me for a few weeks.”

There were other red flags: Sarah had also refused to communicate by phone call or video chat, blocked Kristen from viewing her Instagram page and only sent five photos.

So who was the fraud? One lead came in when the detectives got a call from Kristen’s best friend Tiffany. A California resident, Tiffany told the sleuths she was skeptical of one of Kristen’s co-workers, Sherline, a married woman with whom Kristen had previously had a fling. Then Nev got a text with the following admonition: “I love my wife — please don’t make her do this.”

Nev and Kamie were sure Sherline had caught on to their investigation and sent the message, but they then got another message out of nowhere. It was from an Instagram influencer and married mother named Chloe, who claimed that Kristen had been in touch with her for two years.


According to Chloe, Kristen already knew she was being duped by Sarah and used the opportunity to elicit sympathy from Chloe. The detectives were blown away — just the day before, they’d dug up Chloe’s Instagram page and shown it to Kristen, who claimed she’d never seen Chloe.

“Is Kristen just obsessed with you and wants to connect somehow?” Kamie asked Chloe. “I’m shocked.”

But the shocks kept coming. Soon after, Tiffany revealed herself to be Kristen’s catfish and said her actions were payback: Kristen had been catfishing her for more than a year using several different identities, including a particularly damaging “Leah.”

“The joke’s on her,” Tiffany said. “F*ck her.”

Tiffany said that — around the time she met “Leah” — she and her husband were looking for a third party (a throuple of sorts). But Kristen took advantage of the connection, Tiffany said, causing the loss of two vehicles, a fallout with her mother and psychological stress.

“She made our lives hell,” Tiffany said.

With enough information to end the charade, Nev and Kamie invited Kristen to join the Zoom call and confronted her about her lies — but Kristen still denied knowing Chloe.

Said Nev: “You got your wires crossed because your phone is so full of lies, it’s confusing even to you.”

Tiffany then took a turn laying into Kristen, then Kamie did. Finally, Kristen broke down, acknowledged her mistakes and said that she’d been mentally unwell when she began catfishing Tiffany. She said her family had been torn apart by a custody battle, her dad had rarely been in her life and she was still sorting through past sexual abuse.

“I have no excuse for making the profiles,” she said. “That was an escape out of it…it just got out of control.”

“You gotta start digging yourself out of this mess,” Nev answered.

Kristen swore she would, but will she? Do you think Kristen will land on the right track? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 8/7c.