Cassidy Gets Roasted After Disappointing URL Battle Against Arsonal

Cassidy Gets Roasted After Disappointing URL Battle Against Arsonal


When battle rap was beginning to reclaim its space in hip-hop’s mainstream, there were very few studio rappers that were willing to step into the ring. Although the art of battle rap became tril in the success of any signed rapper, a few OGs stepped into the battle ring, ultimately causing many dents in their armor.

Among them is Cassidy who’s reputation as a rapper, both as a recording artist and a battle MC, has declined severely in the past 10 years. His recent battle against Arsonal didn’t help his case either. The two went head to head in Philadelphia and while Arsonal came in swinging, filled with disrespect, Cassidy’s bars left many, including his opponent, confused as to what he was talking about. Things had already got heated even before the battle started. Arsonal yelled “suck my dick” and even got a bit handsy with Cass.

Even though Arsonal was already taunting Cass by the time the battle began, the “I’m A Hustler” rapper’s biggest Ls were self-imposed. His lines weren’t working the crowd as expected, due to poor execution and generally lazy writing. With Philadelphia being Cassidy’s stomping grounds and all, what was even worse is that he began getting booed. At one point, you can hear someone in the background yell “NO!” after one of his punchlines.

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