Cardi B & Offset Get Raunchy In New Photo

Cardi B & Offset Get Raunchy In New Photo


Surprisingly enough, this isn’t even the most provocative picture that Cardi B and Offset have ever shared online. In fact, they’ve gone for much worse. However, this is still pretty wild.

Known for sharing her most invasive thoughts in the world, Cardi B is basically an open book. While she respects her privacy, she offers up just enough for the public to be satisfied with her personal life. Nobody has a right to know what’s going on in her household but still, she lets the world in on her secrets from time to time. 

Cardi B & Offset Get Raunchy In New Photo
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Anybody that has been struggling to come up with the perfect quarantine date night can use Cardi B’s suggestion wisely because homegirl just came through with some facts.

“Daddy can you take me online shopping,” wrote the rapper on Instagram, pulling a suggestive pose with her husband Offset.

The picture shows Bardi… assuming the position… while Offset stands behind her, all nestled up against her tush. Despite his emotionless look, Set’s wife appears to be feeling grand, smiling big and shining bright.

Cardi B has told the world that she is working hard on her sophomore album, which is set to release this year. Offset is also in the studio, completing the latest Migos album with Quavo and Takeoff (in their own quarantine zones).