Cardi B Admits She’s "Deadass F*ckin Scared" Of Coronavirus With Rant

Cardi B Admits She’s "Deadass F*ckin Scared" Of Coronavirus With Rant


Cardi B cannot keep her composure no more. As the Coronavirus spreads and public concerns rise, Cardi is sounding the alarm. “Ya keep playing I’m deadass FUCKIN SCARED,” she captioned an Instagram video of her shouting her Corona-related fears. “I’m stocking up on food.”

The Bronx rapper started out her rant by clarifying her minimal knowledge on the topic at hand. “Let me tell y’all motherfuckers something, I don’t know what this Coronavirus is about,” she said while dressed in an intricate bronze chain gown. “I don’t understand how that shit was from Wuhan China, now all of a sudden this shit is on motherfucking tour.’ Let me tell y’all something, I ain’t even gonna front – I’m a little scared. Shit got me panicking.” 

The 27-year-old Grammy-winner admitted that she didn’t take the widespread scare seriously enough at first, but the recent developments are getting to her. “A lot of you motherfuckers think its a joke like I was thinking,” she continued. “But just because you think you’re immune to it… Well, guess what? Your pocket ain’t, bitch. Guess what? A lot of shit comes from motherfucking China, bitch. If you’re wondering why your motherfucking weave or your Fashion Nova motherfucking packages haven’t arrived… Guess what, bitch? Coronavirus! Coronavirus! I’m telling you shit is real!” 

In contrast to Cardi’s hysteria, Doja Cat is not stressing about the global threat