Can The Siesta Key Crew Behave At Madisson’s Wedding?

Can The Siesta Key Crew Behave At Madisson’s Wedding?


Madisson’s famous last pre-wedding words: “Nothing’s gonna happen at a wedding, right?”

While the bride-to-be had high hopes that everyone “will be on their best behavior” during the big day, the groom wasn’t so sure during tonight’s Siesta Key. “I think Juliette likes drama,” Ish said. “She’s growing, but she also has toxic relationships that she can’t break away from.”

That was certainly evident at Cara’s recent pool party (you know the one, it was on a Wednesday), which was a hot topic of discussion at Madisson’s lingerie-clad bachelorette bash: Jules was convinced that Jordana and Cara had invited Sam’s flavor of the week Meghan to “upset” her. The poolside drama was then rehashed in between games of pecker toss and male strippers.

“I’m sorry, Juliette — we can’t all accommodate you being comfortable all the time,” Cara said, adding that she is “friends” with Meghan. “It was my party. Can we maybe not make every single event about you?”

The Queen of Sarasota shot back, “You actually like to see people miserable. Just be a little more empathetic to people around you. Don’t just think about yourself all the time.”

The Cara attacks continued, with Amanda telling her to “just be a f*cking respectful person,” and Chloe calling her “a nasty, mean, vindictive b*tch.”

Enter Madisson, stating the obvious: “I’m glad this is being somewhat hashed out or not hashed out, but this cannot happen at the wedding, like, at all.”

Despite Sam bringing “the infamous Meghan” and Juliette bringing her new love interest Clark to the nuptials, the crew is hopeful all will go well. “We’re all grown adults,” Chloe said, with Jules adding, “It’ll be fine.”

But will it? Sound off with your theories, then watch it all go down on the season finale of Siesta Key next Thursday at 9/8c.