Can Cara Change Everyone’s Opinion Of Her On Siesta Key?

Can Cara Change Everyone’s Opinion Of Her On Siesta Key?


“Oh my God, Cara’s here.”

Amanda might have said it, but everyone was thinking it. Okay, probably except for Madisson, who was the sole reason the New Jersey native popped up in Palm Island in the Grenadines on tonight’s episode of Siesta Key.

Despite her sudden (and expletive-laced) departure at sea during the start of Season 3, Cara is back and ready to “make amends with everyone” — or at least, so says Madisson, who has remained friends with the polarizing blonde this entire time.

“She has a bad history with this entire group. She’s reached out to me several times and said like, ‘I’d love to apologize to Kelsey specifically,'” Madisson told Juliette.

Kelsey’s beef with Cara runs as deep as the Sarasota Bay, which likely stemmed from the fact that both ladies dated Garrett and have exchanged their fair share of insults. (Cue Cara’s harsh jab at Kelsey circa 2019: “Spongebob Squarepants ugly-ass b*tch with her fake lip injections.”) And let’s just say that Kels wasn’t pleased when Madisson broke the news about the unexpected party crasher.

“Cara? Like, Cara the b*tch who went off on this whole entire group and said that we’re Florida trash?” Kelsey asked.

Madisson was quick to clarify that Cara’s changed — new boyfriend and all — and truly did want to make things right.

“Everyone was so quick to write Cara off, but she’s my friend. I really do think that you guys will all see her in a new light,” Mad stated. “She does want to apologize to you in person.”

Cue Kelsey: “All I know is this girl had better have the most genuine apology I have ever heard in my entire life.”

When the model-turned-swimsuit designer then warned the others — namely Garrett and his new girlfriend Kenna — they weren’t exactly thrilled.

“Wow, nobody likes her,” said Garrett, while Kenna stated, “Cara has a history of being mean to your girlfriends. Not that I’m scared of her, but she seems mean as f*ck.”

Fast-forward to Cara’s arrival (on a boat, no less), and you could just hear the rumblings under the waves crashing. Juliette cracked boat jokes while Amanda admittedly lost her appetite.

“Did everyone miss me?” Cara called out as she strolled past her fan club, and the credits rolled.

So, um, has Cara really changed, or is she the same girl who told producers that she’s “f*cking outta here”? Find out on Siesta Key next Wednesday at 8/7c.