Calvin Ross, 2c’s Release “Erotica” EP

Calvin Ross, 2c’s Release “Erotica” EP


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The new E.P. by Calvin Ross and 2c’s, “Erotica” is composed of four songs for a total of 13 minutes and 13 seconds. Calvin Ross is a Tennessee/Detroit/Tennessee Resident who began making music at the age of 17. This R&B music review will evaluate Erotica’s songs: “Bank”, “Winner”, “Face Down”, and “DIOAS”.

“Bank” starts with laughter and moves into a bouncy rhythm that keeps you moving. For three minutes and 12 seconds “All I know is you Keep me going back to the bank”, is the refrain. The song consists of a magical blend of wind instruments and a pleasant blend of percussion instruments melding superbly with keyboards.

“Winner” is a song with dripping water sounds supporting the male vocals and rap. The sound of the overlapping male voices sends out a reverberating sound that has a soul-reaching effect.

“Face Down” is a rap that starts out “HOT” and heats up! This rap lays it down. “She wants to ride in a fast car…Make that booty drop, YEH!” Watch the room take the floor. No one can stay seated with this playing loud. At the end, you’re still moving as it slows down any only the synthesizer is to be heard.

“DIOAS” starts with unique sound effects blended with humming and then layers on great male vocals. For four minutes and one second the song vacillates between smooth moving vocals and serious rap, that reminds his lady, “Can you do it on a stick…All that as… in them jeans, compliments on how they fit”. The rap reminds her what’s waiting for her and encourages her, “Don’t be shy, No, NO. Can you do it on a stick baby?”

Calvin Ross’s environments clearly have an influence on his sound. You can hear both Tennessee and Detroit in his choice of music. Ross blends the pace of 20’s rap with the subtle accents of the South. “Erotica” reached #30 on the hip hop albums itunes charts. It has also reached over 100k spotify streams.

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