Calvin Harris And Dua Lipa Make A Sexy ‘Potion’ With Young Thug

Calvin Harris And Dua Lipa Make A Sexy ‘Potion’ With Young Thug


It’s been four years since Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris collaborated together to create a summertime smash hit with “One Kiss.” Now they’ve once again teamed up for a new summer jam called “Potion,” this time featuring Young Thug and sprinkling a little bit of sex appeal.

The accompanying music video for this disco-pop single shows Dua and Young Thug jamming at a tropical island from sunset through dusk. It begins with Dua singing from an overturned retro car. “In the whip on a Tuesday night / Got the music high,” she vocalizes. “And you by my si-i-ide, si-i-ide.” We later see her strut across a hallway of neon lights with her backup dancers and show off her erotic moves on a lilypad and even onstage in a glittery silver dress and boots.

“Late night conversations / Electric emotions / Sprinkled with a little bit of sex / And it’s a potion, yeah,” Dua sings throughout the chorus. “Late night, bodies achin’ / Mental stimulation / Sprinkled with a little bit of sex appeal / And it’s a moment, yeah, yeah.”

With a band playing electric guitar chords, Young Thug dons on a glittery multicolor tux and shades. “I’ve been catchin’ love off a backboard / Runnin’ from your love, that’s what this track for,” he raps. “Fuckin’ every bitch and never tell ’em, no / I’m pushin’ P, they black and white, a Oreo.”

The video continuously shows various clips fading into each other to accompany the chill, sensual vibes of the song. As the song closes, a short of Dua leaning onto Harris can be seen before the video fades to black.

Earlier this week, Harris teased the song on TikTok with the caption “How I made Potion.” The video shows him experimenting with his keyboard and electric guitar, a short clip of the DJ FaceTiming with Dua, and playing a snippet of the song.


How I made Potion

♬ original sound – Calvin Harris

“Potion” is the first single from Harris’s upcoming album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2, which is set for release this summer. The single is also the second time the DJ has collaborated with Young Thug, after “Heatstroke” along with Pharrell Williams and Ariana Grande in 2017.

Harris and  Lipa’s most famous collaboration, “One Kiss,” was released in April 2018, and it became the longest running No. 1 single in the UK Singles Chart for eight weeks straight. We’ll see what kind of juice “Potion” has in store this time.