British Nigerian Sensation Dan Onkar Releases New EP

British Nigerian Sensation Dan Onkar Releases New EP


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The British Nigerian sensation Dan Onkar recently released his new EP ‘A Night Like This.’ The multi-talented singer and songwriter captures the soul of RnB with six spectacular songs. With a smooth blend of West African music, Afrobeat, and old-school disco, this EP is a true musical celebration of love, romance, and lasting relationships. From “If I Lie” to “Want it With You,” the tracks are lyrically innovative, with Onkar’s unique voice accentuating each ballad.

The essence of ‘A Night Like This’ is a continuous flow of beautiful singing and harmonious melodies. Such is the case in “Tales by Moonlight,” which touches the soul with its steady beat and finger-snapping rhythms. This jam will make you dance all night with an uptempo sound that is straight out of West Africa. Following this track is a reggae-esque sound with “In the Morning.” Onkar’s vocals will dazzle your earbuds and keep your toes tapping with every verse guaranteed!

The magic continues with “Pass It” — a soulful, RnB jam that eloquently captures the feeling and sounds of dancehall music. With a myriad of musical styles and genres, Onkar has created a musical masterpiece with this EP — an album that will long be remembered and enjoyed by young and old fans of Afrobeat alike. “Spring Water” is an eclectic ballad of love that soothes the soul and simply makes you feel good. Celebrate love, romance, relationships, and courtship journey with this superb album that offers something for everyone.

Dan Onkar continues the legacy of RnB fused with African beats and rhythms. This inspiring artist has a great social media following, and his music continues to innovate and attract listeners from all over the world. If you love classic RnB with a contemporary touch, this fantastic EP will achieve all your desired results.