Boogie Spits True To Self Bars On Kenny Beats’ "The Cave"

Boogie Spits True To Self Bars On Kenny Beats’ "The Cave"


While much has been made about a given rapper’s ability to freestyle, the same praise should be given to a producer. Time and time again, Kenny Beats has conjured bangers that those on rival major studio albums, seemingly out of thin air. While we anticipate and pray that The Cave will come through with a mixtape, Kenny has kept the ball rolling with another new episode, this time calling on Shady Records signee and Compton resident Boogie

Boogie Spits True To Self Bars On Kenny Beats' "The Cave"

From the moment he opens his mouth, it’s clear that Boogie is in good spirits, perhaps in more ways than one. His jol energy shines throughout the pregame conversation, culminating in an honest attempt to pull off Lil Uzi Vert‘s “Futsal Shuffle” dance. After a quick hi-pass filter and some arrangement tweaking, Kenny Beats presents Boogie with a vibey instrumental, one that seems well-suited to his unique delivery. 

“We gon’ act like we got females singing,” begins Boogie, pulling out some racks and making it rain. “I got premonitions of injuries getting carted out,” he raps, his flow wandering at a methodical pace. “A sculpture’s made from all the lanes that I’ve been carving out, I look up in the mirror and say tell me what that guard about, where you get that armor you ain’t have that when you started out.”