Blind РLaJ̩ (featuring Cassius Tae)

Blind РLaJ̩ (featuring Cassius Tae)


LaJé’s Blind featuring Cassius Tae is a theatric, alternative, R&B song if there ever was on. LaJé’s vocals glide effortlessly over a haunting track and Cassius Tae matches her as the featured rapper to complete that singer/rapper combination made popular in the genre by the legendary Mariah Carey. LaJé’s vocals, though stellar, are different from Carey’s, however. Her vocals can be more easily likened to other genre front runners like Ciara and Beyoncé. Those two artists readily spring to mind as LaJé’s take on this track is similar to the dance performance styles made popular by both women in their own way. Perhaps even more impressive is that LaJé carves out her own lane still – just when you thought you would be hit with the same old, same old.

Importantly, this track is solid on its own and has great radio appeal and top-40 potential. Added to the sound, the look and the feel of the released video complements the track very well. The haunting instrumental rides in a sublime manner below the punching bass, a combination that pulls you in the very moment it drops; making you want to hear what comes next. LaJé’s vocals do not let you down in this regard and Cassius Tae’s rapping style and sound which reminiscent of a younger, edgier Drizzy Drake is far from anti-climatic. Finally, the song which is almost 4 minutes long, feels like it was only 1 minute and some change. This is a good thing – a good thing that we want to continue reliving as it ended too soon.


Director: @Lakeshorhy
Artist @Lajeoffiicial ft. @cassiustae

Video : Laje’ – Blind ft. Cassius Tae

Audio: Laje’ ft. Cassius Tae – BLIND