Blanco Brown is Leveling Up on ‘The Git Up’ Remix

Blanco Brown is Leveling Up on ‘The Git Up’ Remix


Blanco Brown isn't done gettin' up yet. The singer behind the viral hit "The Git Up" is prepping a remix of the song featuring Ciara. "What if I told y'all this was coming real soon?!," Brown wrote on Instagram on Wednesday (Dec. 18) alongside an image of a pair of black stilleto heels with spurs that jingle jangle jingle. At press time no information was available on when the remix is slated for release.

On the red carpet of last month's American Music Awards, Brown told Streets Talkin how he feels about so many people doing the "Git Up" dance and if any of them are getting it right. “I see a lot of people doing the dance and smiling — that's all that counts," he said, also weighing in on how he feels about artists such as himself and Lil Nas X succeeding in country music. "I feel like you make music from the heart and you make it with art and it's gonna do what it's supposed to do. I call it trailer trap," he said.

Blanco appears on the new single from Parmalee, "Just the Way," which the group debuted onstage during halftime of the Dec. 1 Sunday Night Football game.


What if I told y’all this was coming real soon?! @ciara

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