Bill Nye Two-Steps To Lizzo’s "Juice" On The Runway: Watch The Video

Bill Nye Two-Steps To Lizzo’s "Juice" On The Runway: Watch The Video


Bill Nye has had one of the greatest resurgences into the limelight after taking a nearly two-decade hiatus from educating the youth about science. His new Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves The World, continues to bless viewers with new seasons, he’s entered the political realm raising awareness about climate change, he’s even educating misinformed personalities in the hip-hop realm. Now, the 64-year-old mechanical engineer might have found a new calling after walking the runway during New York Fashion Week, this past week, as an aspiring model. 

Bill Nye Two-Steps To Lizzo's "Juice" On The Runway: Watch The Video

Rob Kim/Getty Images

On Wednesday (Feb. 5), Bill Nye participated in the Blue Jacket Fashion Show at Pier 59 Studios. The television personality modeled a blue floral, tuxedo jacket, designed by Nicholas Graham, black slacks, and leather wingtip dress shoes. Unlike most trained models who are taught to remain expressionless while walking down the runway, the highly-popularized educator decided to take his modeling assignment to the next level and two-step his way down the runway to Lizzo’s “Juice” as the show’s final presenter. 

Several other celebrities participated in this year’s Blue Jacket Fashion Show including former New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, Mario Cantone, CNN’s Don Lemon, former New York Giants wideout Victor Cruz, and more.

This particular event holds a special significance to Bill Nye as the fashion celebration benefitted the Prostate Cancer Foundation, an initiative funding research for the cure to prostate cancer. During a recent interview with Addy Medina, the Science Guy revealed that his father fell victim to prostate cancer and expressed how grateful he is to be able to support a good cause stating:

“You can test for this prostate hormone. So I think that we are, and by ‘we’ I mean researchers, are close to solving this problem and so to support this cause is cool.”

In 2017, Bill Nye also walked the runway at the Blue Jacket Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week. Check out the footage of the young Science god, f*** it up on the runway to Lizzo’s “Juice” in the video provided by Jessica Weiss below.