Bill Belichick Gives Classic Non-Answer To Tom Brady Question: Watch

Bill Belichick Gives Classic Non-Answer To Tom Brady Question: Watch


Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have had a bit of a weird relationship over the years. The coach/QB duo has won six Super Bowls together although they seem to be at odds much of the time. Every single year, there are reports that the two are bickering over something and that their union could be coming to an end. This year, even more rumors have swirled as Brady’s contract is coming to an end. 

Heading into this weekend’s wild-card game against the Tennessee Titans, the Patriots’ future is being questioned and reporters are trying to get some answers out of Belichick. In the clip below, courtesy of TMZ, a reporter boldly asks Belichick how he feels about Saturday potentially being his last game with Brady. As you can imagine, Belichick gave a complete non-answer that tells us absolutely nothing.

Despite not really saying anything, Belichick’s answer remains newsworthy. The Patriots haven’t been extraordinary on the offensive side of the ball and Brady is part of the reason for that. The legendary head coach will want to keep his QB motivated heading into Saturday especially with all of the doubters throwing noise their way. Belichick doesn’t want any distractions plaguing his team and the media’s urge to ask him about Brady’s future is the ultimate smokescreen.

If you’re a Patriots fan, you’ve got to be just a tad nervous heading into this wild-card matchup.