Batman’s New Batmobile Is Sick

Batman’s New Batmobile Is Sick


Die-hard Batman fans can be hard to please, but we seem to be coming together to support the teasers we’ve seen so far. 

The internet loved bashing Ben Affleck for his take on the classic superhero, and even before we got to see a trailer of the upcoming Batman, fans were hesitant about Robert Pattinson attempting to play Bruce Wayne in director Matt Reeves’ revival of the series. However, we have all been pleasantly surprised by what we’ve seen so far.

First, it was the new Batsuit, which hints at Batman wearing the gun that was presumably used to murder his parents, as motivation for his vengeance on Gotham City’s villains. 

Now, fans and the general public are approving of the new-look Batmobile. It’s a modern take on Batmobiles of the past. Think classic muscle car meshed with supercar. Looks like something The Weeknd would drive. 

Here’s what some of the internet thinks:

But what do YOU think of the new-look Batmobile? Is Robert Pattinson is going to do it justice?

The new Batman film is slated for a 2021 release date. We’ll be sure to keep you posted with news as it comes along!