Back To Beacon Hills: Here’s Where The Characters Of Teen Wolf Left Off

Back To Beacon Hills: Here’s Where The Characters Of Teen Wolf Left Off


Teen Wolf said goodbye on September 24, 2017, leaving years to go by without the beloved Beacon Hills band of characters. But that’s about to change: The cast is going to reunite for an important cause. Mama McCall instructed her son Scott to “give them hope.” And now we have it!

Before the launch of “MTV Reunions,” which will bring together cast members from television’s most memorable shows with the purpose of raising money for charitable causes (this installment will benefit the First Responders First charity), we’re taking a look back at where we last left off with the memorable supernaturals and mortals who will be appearing on the special, along with series creator Jeff Davis. First, a nod to this final moment of Scott McCall’s pack under the light of a full moon:

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  • Orny Adams

    Sorry not sorry, but the MVP of the finale was Coach Bobby Finstock. The reason: The eccentric educator saved Jackson and Ethan from one of the bad guys with a lacrosse stick.

  • Linden Ashby

    Everyone’s favorite Beacon Hills dad is always in the thick of it (heck, it’s his job!): Sheriff Stilinski’s final heroic act was rescuing the Hellhound Parrish. Later, he reconvened (where else?) at Beacon County Sheriff’s Station with his deputies.

  • Ian Bohen

    The man responsible for biting Scott McCall — and thus turning him into a werewolf — was thisclose to becoming a stone figure forever.

  • Charlie Carver

    Ethan and his beau Jackson were saved by Coach (see above) — and it was revealed that the supernatural couple made it home to London post-BH baddies showdown.

  • Max Carver

    Ethan’s twin Aiden wasn’t in the last installment because he died during Season 3, but the werewolf did make a cameo in Season 5 when he appeared to Lydia at Eichen House.

  • Arden Cho

    The Kitsune was not featured in the finale — the last time we saw Scott’s former girlfriend was when the sword-wielding warrior left his pack to fully navigate her Fox Spirit in Shiprock, New Mexico. But not before the lovebirds shared one final kiss.

  • Cody Christian

    Theo was known for more bad than good, but the chimera showed the latter side at the 11th hour — he took away Gabe’s pain as the Hunter took his final breaths.

  • Shelley Henning

    The werecoyote knows how to cure a panic attack — and it’s a kiss. Peter Hale’s daughter healed Scott’s eyesight with a smooch, and it was rather reminiscent of that unforgettable Stalia smooch.

  • Dylan O’Brien

    You can’t beat Void Stiles showing up in Beacon Hills — riding in ROSCOE — right on cue to help save his best friend and his neighbors. When all is said and done, and villains are defeated, Stiles stands side by side with Scott as the group walks into their next battle.

  • Melissa Ponzio

    The nurse was able to have a bit of PDA with none other than werewolf hunter Chris Argent — after tasing a Hunter just in the nick of time.

  • Tyler Posey

    The last seconds of the series (as seen above) sum up Scott McCall’s journey through the seasons. A True Alpha, with his diverse pack in tow, ready for the next challenge.

  • Khylin Rhambo

    Fan favorites Mason (portrayed by Rhambo) and Corey exchanged “I love yous” as they faced imminent danger. That’s real Beast love.

  • Holland Roden

    Lydia — who had been on the show since its inception — reunited with two former flames (Stiles and Jackson). But the banshee’s most meaningful action perhaps came in the form of a suggestion: urging Malia to kiss Scott to calm him (like she once did with Stiles to chill his nerves).

  • Dylan Sprayberry

    The Beta and his longtime nemesis Theo agreed to fight together in the end. Of course, they defeated evil together — and Liam and sensitive sophomore Nolan went on to become co-captains of the lacrosse team.