B. Simone Freestyles Over Roddy Ricch’s "The Box" & Obviously References DaBaby

B. Simone Freestyles Over Roddy Ricch’s "The Box" & Obviously References DaBaby


B. Simone has been attracting attention for her DaBaby obsession. She has repeatedly publicized her desire to be DaBaby‘s woman and her extreme thirst resulted in her getting the opportunity to hug him in a nightclub. Her admiration for the buzzing Charlotte rapper is such common knowledge that even Drake was teasing her for it

But B. Simone isn’t just a DaBaby groupie. She starred on Lil Kim‘s VH1 show, Girls Cruise. In her new freestyle over Roddy Ricch‘s “The Box”, she reminds people that she’s also a stand-up comedian. “You rap bitches are really lucky I’m going on tour with Martin Lawrence so I don’t have time to go in the studio,” she boasts before she starts rapping. She mentions several times throughout her freestyle that these “rap bitches” are fortunate that she is only dabbling in rap as a side hobby. She has good reason to be so confident. Her bars are quite impressive on here. While B. Simone’s schedule may not permit her to hop in the booth, it seems she’s going to keep showing off her skills with videos like this one, as she teased that this marks the “first freestyle of 2020.” 

Of course, B. Simone slid in a little reference to her crush, DaBaby. “Aye Mr. Kirk, lay your head right here,” she raps while putting a hand on her chest. At the end of the freestyle, she transitions into singing her own spin of Mario Winan’s 2004 hit “I Don’t Wanna Know”. 

Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” is taking the world by storm and has been embroiled in a battle this week with Justin Bieber’s new single, “Yummy”. By the end of today, we will learn whether “The Box” or “Yummy” secured the top spot on Billboard’s Hot 100.