Azriel Clary Is "Trying To Focus On [Herself]" & Confirms She’s Moved Out Of Chicago

Azriel Clary Is "Trying To Focus On [Herself]" & Confirms She’s Moved Out Of Chicago


R. Kelly‘s rumored girlfriend Azriel Clary seems to be living her best life. When she was just a teen, Azriel left her parents in order to live with Kelly. The young, aspiring singer met Kelly at one of his shows, and before anyone knew it, Azriel cut off her parents and remained dedicated to the music icon. She reportedly lived with Kelly and the singer’s other girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, until recently after she moved out of their Trump Tower apartment. As Kelly remains behind bars for what may be indefinitely, Azriel is hitting the ground running as she’s carving out her career as a social media star.

It’s strange for the public to watch Azriel go from a young woman who avoided the media and public at all costs while Kelly was free to someone who shares their life incessantly now that he’s behind bars. The Surviving R. Kelly Part Two: The Reckoning series that recently aired on Lifetime has placed Azriel back in the spotlight, and it seems as if this time around she’s capitalizing off of the exposure.

On Monday, Azriel hopped on Instagram Live, according to The Blast, to share with her 51K followers that she’s “so happy” while she’s busy making “boss moves.” Viewers tried questioning her about her music career, asking if she would be hitting the studio anytime soon. The question seemed to have struck a nerve because she reportedly didn’t appreciate being asked about it.

She did confirm that she’d moved out of Chicago and said she didn’t have any friends in the state she now resides in. Azriel also said she’s “trying to focus on myself” and wouldn’t give any details on where she’s currently living. Although she and Joycelyn are no longer in the same place, Azriel stated that she “talks to her every day, to make sure she’s okay.” Expectedly, she didn’t answer any of the viewers’ questions about her family or anything relating to Kelly. Meanwhile, she recently shared a video suggesting she’d bought a home. You can check that out below.