August Alsina Asks VladTV If He’s The Feds Following Interview Request

August Alsina Asks VladTV If He’s The Feds Following Interview Request


Artists tend to tread lightly when it comes to interviews as they don’t want to give up too much information about themselves. It’s a near-impossible feat with social media sleuths airing out a celebrity’s personal business left and right, but sometimes it’s the artists who get themselves into trouble after sitting down for a one-on-one chat with the media.

August Alsina Asks VladTV If He's The Feds Following Interview Request
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images

We’ve obviously covered famous figures who have sat down with Vlad TV for interviews, but over the years there have been rumors that Vlad is connected with the authorities. Rappers have called out the media host as a federal informant and a “snitch,” but some are awaiting definitive proof of the speculative allegations.

Recently, Vlad reached out to singer August Alsina on Twitter to request a meeting. “Let’s do another interview @AugustAlsina,” Vlad tweeted. August didn’t seem as if he was too keen on the idea. “*Interrogation ? I heard you the feds on low ??.” Vlad couldn’t believe August would bring that up. “Lol… you really believe that nonsense?”

It didn’t take long for August’s fans to comment their opinions, as well, and it didn’t seem to lean in Vlad’s favor. “??They cookin you in my mentions right now w/ confirmation. ?Let us knowwww my guy.” Vlad said he’ll stand up against the rumors because it comes with the territory. “Lol – I’ll take the heat. It comes with being one of the biggest interview platforms on Youtube. No different than everyone saying you were in a relationship with Jada Pinkett-Smith. Come through and we’ll discuss all that.”