Artist Spotlight: Bleacher Boy

Artist Spotlight: Bleacher Boy


Bleacher Boy is a newcomer to the urban game, and you should totally try his tunes. The latest releases from this UK-native artist feature banging beats, a sick flow, and very trendy vocals with subtly added​ autotune effects. Make sure to stream our personal favorite, ‘Fool’s Diamond.’

About Bleacher Boy (Spotify)

Being able to bridge the gap between music genres and subcultures has always been something many artists aspire to achieve and Alistair, more commonly known as Bleacher Boy has done this from the get-go.

Growing up listening to the likes of Eminem, Green Day, Scooter and Blink 182 was always bound to inspire the sonic soundscape he creates today. Born in London, UK, Alistair is an alt-pop, hip-hop, and hyperpop singer-songwriter.

Having been in and out of music projects for most of his primitive years, the stars finally seemed to align with the sound he’s felt destined towards now driving a spark of new found motivation whilst the culture surrounding it is gaining mass popularity in the era of crossover music.

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