Ari Lennox Disgusted After Fan Reportedly Asks If She’s Dating Moneybagg Yo: "Hell No!"

Ari Lennox Disgusted After Fan Reportedly Asks If She’s Dating Moneybagg Yo: "Hell No!"


Ari Lennox can often be found going live on Instagram to connect with fans, but it looks like some of those same fans did not have their facts straight about her love life. During a recent IG live session, Ari was reportedly asked if she was dating a certain rapper, and her response seems to indicate just how she feels about the man.

A Twitter user screen-recorded part of the live in question, and posted the clip claiming, “So they just asked Ari is she dating Moneybagg on live and this was her response.” Ari reacts negatively, yelling “Hell no!” and looking appalled that someone would even ask. She maintains her disgusted expression as she continues, “if you ever f*cking play with me like that again, I will f*cking drag you to the f*cking pits of hell.” Ari tries to move on by saying, “Anyway,” but appears to give it some more thought and makes various repulsed faces in the process. Though it is not certain whether Ari was actually reacting to this exact question in the clip, as the supposed comment is no longer visible on the screen by the time the clip starts, it would make sense since Moneybagg Yo did recently confirm his relationship with a different Ari. It had been rumoured that Moneybagg was romantically involved with G Herbo‘s ex, Ari Fletcher, for a hot minute before Moneybagg finally confirmed their relationship this past week. The fresh status of Moneybagg’s relationship with a woman named Ari meant that some were still out of the loop on just who his new boo was, leading this innocent viewer to confuse Ari Lennox with Ari Fletcher.

Many users replied to the tweet of the clip, some claiming that her reaction was disrespectful or offensive. One person tweeted, “Didnt she just have a melt down cuz someone didnt find her attractive ?” referring to the recent debacle in which Ari responded to a tweet that compared her physical appearance to a rottweiler, upset at the racist implications of the insult. 

Another user also brought up the rottweiler comment by coming to Ari’s defense and saying, “y’all in these comments coming to moneybag yo defense…but where was her defense when she was out here being torn down for having features she was born with. black features at that.”