Apryl Jones & Fizz Already Split; Omarion Couldn’t Care Any Less

Apryl Jones & Fizz Already Split; Omarion Couldn’t Care Any Less


Over the weekend, rumors began to impact the gossip circuit regarding one of the messiest couples on the block: Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones. After alienating themselves from just about everybody with their whirlwind behavior, Jones and Fizz don’t even appear to have made it a few months, already unfollowing each other on social media and seemingly clicking the dreaded “block” button. If you’ve been following the dramatic unfolding of their relationship, you’re already aware of all the nonsense regarding B2K and Omarion. It seems as though Omarion still couldn’t care any less about his baby mama’s break-up, flaunting his unbothered nature all over the ‘gram again.

Apryl Jones & Fizz Already Split; Omarion Couldn't Care Any Less
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

People are living for Omarion’s level of “I don’t give a fuck” energy amid reports that Apryl Jones and Fizz have already called it quits. How else are we supposed to interpret their unfollowing of one another online? Choosing to react to the mess with, well, no reaction at all, Omarion adopted a similar approach this time around, going about his daily matters without a care in the world.

Twitter users have been going crazy over the news, clowning both Apryl and Fizz for making fools out of themselves on national television just for their relationship to fail so quickly. It’s not hard to see what went wrong between these two but, still, it was entertaining to watch it all play out.