Antonio Brown Wants To Box Logan Paul, Fight Odds Revealed

Antonio Brown Wants To Box Logan Paul, Fight Odds Revealed


Antonio Brown has been an active member on Twitter over these past few months which makes sense when you consider how he really has nothing else to do. It seems as though he has been getting himself embroiled in a tough of random beefs and now, he is in yet another one. This time around, AB is going after none other than Logan Paul. Late last night, Brown took to Twitter where he demanded that Paul “Square Up.” 

Paul has been known to get into the boxing ring so it’s not surprising that he came through with a quick retort. “I’d drop you faster than the patriots,” Paul said. The response was retweeted by AB who seemed to be enjoying the mess he had just created.

What makes this potential fight even more interesting is how Paul is favored. The odds reveal that has -2000 odds while Brown is at +1000. Brown has very little boxing experience compared to Logan so it makes sense that the odds would be stacked in his favor. Regardless, Brown is a professional athlete and could certainly get into shape if he needed to.

While this fight is most certainly a long shot, it’s still funny to contemplate a potential winner. Let us know in the comments below who you think would win.