Anthony Davis Lit Up By Chicago Sports Fans For Packers Support

Anthony Davis Lit Up By Chicago Sports Fans For Packers Support


Football fans were treated to an incredible weekend of Divisional playoff games and it was all capped off by Sunday night’s match between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. In the end, the Packers came out on top as they squeaked by with a 28-23 win. The Seahawks looked poised for a comeback but Aaron Rodgers and company were able to lead a game-sealing drive in the final minutes.

The Packers had some guests on hand to take in the game, including none other than Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers. As it turns out, AD is a huge Packers fan and his favorite player is Aaron Rodgers. At the start of the game, Davis got to be on the sidelines to cap off the festivities.

What makes AD’s appearance particularly interesting is the fact that he is from Chicago. The Packers and the Bears are huge divisional rivals so it’s pretty bizarre to see Davis wearing green and yellow. As a comparison to basketball, growing up in Chicago and supporting the Packers is like growing up in Los Angeles and rooting for the Boston Celtics.

Chicago sports fans immediately took to Twitter after the game and made sure to give AD a piece of their mind. Check out some of the reactions below.