Anna Azeril – In The Name Of Love

Anna Azeril – In The Name Of Love


Anna Azeril – “In The Name Of Love”

Anna Azeril Bio

New Zealand’s Wellington is where Anna Azerli was born. She started as an opera singer at the Accademia Teatro all Scala, Milan, Italy. After completing one of the top training programs in the world, Azerli’s career began. Her debut live performance took place at Milan’s renowned La Scala in a production of Verdi’s “La Forza del Destino.” Following that, Anna Azerli appeared in opera houses around Europe. Additionally, she collaborated with some of the most well-known artists in Europe and sang a duet with Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

She relocated to California to advance her career after obtaining offers from American music producers. A creative, lyrical pop song displaying Anna Azerli’s five-octave vocal range was released as her first song in the US, along with a music video. The second single, “Love for a Day,” is Anna Azerli’s debut work in the English language and has a stronger singer-songwriter vibe. Her entire style, meanwhile, may be categorized as pop/dance.

Single release: “For Your Love”

We have witnessed numerous successful DJ and pop singer combinations over the last couple of years. It still frequently shows itself to be a successful trend. Anna Azeril, a producer and pop singer who made her major break in 2020 with the worldwide hit tune “For Your Love,“ has collaborated with many well-known DJs, including Afrojack and Aleena Gibson.

Finally, she shifts to a well-written pop tune with a broad appeal. The recording of this song is excellent. She has evolved her contemporary dance-pop while keeping a nod to the earlier strains of the genre. If so, Anna Azerli will likely release a tonne more fantastic music.

“In the name of Love” was released on June 22, 2022 on Spotify. With just an only one listen, this beautifully composed ballad instantly becomes recognizable. More much than ever, Anna’s voice sparkles. This song is the result of her collaboration with Swedish singer-songwriter Aleena Gibson. She assumes the lead vocal role in “In The Name of Love,” which might pretty much give her solo career the boost it needs. Her strong and expressive vocals, which are ideal for this kind of composition, undoubtedly elevate the song to a higher level.

With this new record, Anna Azeril twists things up from the peppy dance and opera music that has previously brought her fame. Compared to her previous work, ‘For Your Love’ is less frantic and more like a pop-rock. It adheres to the style that has previously brought success to artists like Major Lazer and Flume. Large chorus for singing along? Check! After that, a catchy drop? Done! The song “In The Name of Love” is spot on, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it becomes one of Anna Azeril and Aleena Gibson’s biggest successes. On this tune, they are an amazing duo!

This song tells us about true love, going through all the hurdles to arrive at a wonderful sense of love, understanding, and confidence is worth it. There is honestly little to no finer feeling in the world when this is the outcome of all the effort put into conquering challenges in the relationship.

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