ANISE’s “Black Eve” is a danceable spiritual movement!

ANISE’s “Black Eve” is a danceable spiritual movement!


From her upcoming first album, ANISE delivers a title track that satisfies both in sound and in substance. She has a talent for transforming her voice to suit any purpose and elicit whatever effect the music calls for. The instrumentation complements her perfectly with thumping bass and catchy beats that make it hard not to move while you listen.

Complete with a variety of authentic bird calls, which give the song a naturalistic and even mystical feel, the mix of percussion and ambiance makes the listener feel transported to a different time and place. You truly feel like you’re been taken back to the Garden of Eden – but with a colorful twist.

ANISE’s breathy, sometimes moaned lyrics deliver her message in a visceral way. And what is her message? The R&B-pop artist has stated that this song is a tribute to something she calls Divine Feminine Power. It’s all about turning down hostility and instead, using healing to create a female-to-female alliance against their gender’s oppression.

Numerous times in the song, ANISE poses the question, “What if he was Black?” referring to Adam, and then asking the same about Eve. In the rest of the lyrics, she goes into what she’s really talking about: the trend in society to think violence and strength are the same.

Eventually, we lose the bird calls in favor of harsher tones – what sounds like a police radio – as ANISE’s refrain, “I’m tired of the endless killing,” comes in. But her message isn’t fueled by anger or hate. Instead, it’s a desire to start the world over.

She handles each soulful run with genuine passion. Her powerful harmonies add incredible depth to her most powerful phrases. The perfect punctuation of the rhythm and bass make this track danceable as it is sensuous and meaningful. By the time this track comes to its highly earned yet abrupt ending, you might find it takes a few more listens before you’ve bitten off enough of this apple.

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