Andrew Wiggins Speaks On Playing With Steph Curry For First Time

Andrew Wiggins Speaks On Playing With Steph Curry For First Time


Andrew Wiggins was dealt to the Golden State Warriors during the trade deadline and has been playing on a struggling ship ever since. Once everyone on the Warriors comes back healthy, Wiggins is expected to take more of a suppressed role but for now, he’s one of their top scoring options. Luckily for the young Canadian, he was given some help last night as his Warriors took on the Toronto Raptors. Yes, that’s right, Steph Curry was back in the lineup.

This was the first time Wiggins and Curry got to play together and it worked out quite well, despite the loss. At one point, Wiggins was fed a gorgeous dime by Curry and the play ended up making its way to social media. After the game, Wiggins gave his thoughts on playing with the Warriors superstar.

“He makes everyone great,” Wiggins said according to ESPN’s Nick Friedell. “He makes everyone play better. He finds open men. He’s like the most unselfish superstar. That’s a good way to put it. He attracts so much attention that he’s going to find the open man, and he makes the right play, so it was fun.”

While the Warriors may be abysmal to end the season, at least we will have some highlight-reel plays from Curry and Wiggins to fawn over.