Andre Iguodala Traded To Miami Heat, Thunder Look To Get Involved

Andre Iguodala Traded To Miami Heat, Thunder Look To Get Involved


Andre Iguodala was beginning to get on the nerves of Memphis Grizzlies players. Earlier in the week, Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks made public comments about how Iguodala refused to play for the Grizzlies and how they thought it was sort of disrespectful. The Grizzlies were waiting to trade Iggy and last night, they finally did it. Iguodala was dealt to the Miami Heat in exchange for Justise Winslow and some draft picks that haven’t been entirely ironed out yet. After being traded, Iggy signed a 2-year extension with the Heat, worth $30 million.

Now, Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the trade could be expanded with the Oklahoma City Thunder wanting to join in on the action. In fact, the Heat are trying to get Danilo Gallinari who has been a part of trade talks over the last few weeks.

With this latest trade in mind, it’s clear the Heat are trying to make a legitimate run at the NBA championship. The Heat are the surprise team of the season and if they manage to land Gallinari, they will have sufficient help for their star, Jimmy Butler. This is the first real blockbuster trade of the deadline and we’re sure there will be even more great deals to come.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the trade deadline as we will be sure to bring them to you.