Andre Iguodala Reacts To Klay Thompson’s Heartfelt Welcome Speech

Andre Iguodala Reacts To Klay Thompson’s Heartfelt Welcome Speech


Andre Iguodala was traded by the Golden State Warriors to the Memphis Grizzlies during the summer. After a bit of a holdout, Iguodala was traded by the Grizzlies to the Miami Heat. Last night, the Warriors and Heat played each other in what was Iggy’s second game ever with the Heat. In the end, the Heat won the match by a score of 113-01. Iguodala finished with just two points, five rebounds, and two assists as he picked up his first win with the squad.

Prior to the game, Klay Thompson of the Warriors gave a speech in the middle of the Chase Center. The speech was to commemorate Iguodala’s first game back while celebrating everything he did for the franchise. After the speech, Iguodala got up to address the crowd and offered some high praise for his former teammates.

“My brothers will be back in action next year.. to wreck havoc on the league for 80 games,” Iguodala said. Of course, Steph Curry and Thompson are out with injuries but once they return, the Warriors will be back to being Western Conference contenders.

Meanwhile, Iguodala is playing for a Heat team that is in contention to go deep in the playoffs. His experience will certainly prove to be valuable for that team, moving forward.