Alia Lene Releases “Die for You” Single

Alia Lene Releases “Die for You” Single


This R&B music review for Alia Lene’s “Die for You” is a single just released through DistroKid. Alia begins the song, “Baby, you know I got what you need…” From there she continues to deliver her declaration of what she has for her man with a backdrop of well layered synthesized music. The sound is different, and it keeps you grooving, and moving.

Alia’s voice is soft but strong. She’s got great enunciation, unlike many artists who depend on their voices more than their words to complete the song. In this song the vocals are noticeably clear, and the story will be timely for many.

This song should move up the charts. It’s timely and has new sound elements that should push it to the front of the crowded R&B musical landscape. “And when things get rough, I’m still ten toes down…I would die for you, lie for you, do that crime for you, take that time for you. I’m that Girl…”

This song is a true declaration of commitment to her man. Alia sings this song with intensity and you can hear the joy in her voice. The artist may very well be in love. It comes true with the depth of feeling in her voice. The home girls will be broadcasting this song from their cell phones and car USB players on the regular.

Coming Soon

Alia Lene will release her Christmas Miracle EP December 11 via Contra Worldwide Recordings. Pre-orders start November 27. The EP will be available on all streaming platforms.

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