Alex Jones Of "InfoWars" Arrested For DWI In Texas

Alex Jones Of "InfoWars" Arrested For DWI In Texas


InfoWars host Alex Jones was arrested on a misdemeanour DWI charge in Austin, Texas, according to TMZ. Jones was booked around 12:30 AM on Tuesday morning (Mar. 10) at the Travis County Sheriff’s Department and was released on a $3,000 bond by 4 AM. 

The police report obtained by TMZ details that police were called to Jones’ residence over a family disturbance. His wife claimed that she and Jones were embroiled in a verbal altercation, but at some point earlier in the day, it “was physical.” TMZ noted that it is unclear who Jones’ wife is in this case, as the conspiracy theorist divorced his previous wife in 2015 and it was not public knowledge that he had remarried. Whoever this woman is, she supposedly told the cops that Jones drove off in his car and may have been drinking. 

Alex Jones Of "InfoWars" Arrested For DWI In Texas                                                                                                                               Travis County Sheriff’s Office/Handout Getty Images 

Jones was found and pulled over around 10 PM on Monday. The report states that a strong odor of alcohol was detected emanating off of Jones’ person. He blew slightly below a .08 on the Intoxilyzer twice, but struggled with the field sobriety tests and displayed impaired balance. Jones told the police he drank a bottle of sake while he and his wife were at a sushi restaurant a couple hours earlier. After walking home from dinner and getting in an argument, Jones supposedly took the car out to get away from her.